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This website contains information on Austrian politics, its economy, culture and tourism.By visiting the link "Travel Information on Austria", you find additional information on consular issues and on travelling to both Austria and Canada.You won’t be able to see Galway, but keep your camera ready for the whales and icebergs that regularly grace these waters.Turn away from the sea to see some of the other things to do in Cape Spear.“Thank you to my parents for being such a great support.I continue to grow as a person and have a great support group.

The Redblacks were unable to get anything moving in the game’s first fifteen minutes.

Victor Butler left the game with a leg injury, Bear Woods went through concussion protocol after helmet on helmet contact on a hit with Redblacks quarter back Trevor Harris.

The scariest of the three came at the end of the quarter when Cleyon Laing had issues standing up needing a cart to take him off the field.

Get to the heart of this friendly city on your trip from Ottawa to St. With the Atlantic as a neighbour, the scenic seaside view follows you everywhere you go in downtown St. Heritage buildings like Victoria Hall and the Masonic Temple keep the past within reach. See dawn break over the ocean, before anyone else on the continent.

John’s, the city’s two main churches will answer your prayers. With the highest density of pubs per square foot in North America, George Street is worth raising a glass to. Called “Cape Hope” by both Portuguese and French sailors, the name “Cape Spear” seems to best suit the area.