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I recommend at least learning the basics, since it shows that you respect the colombian people enough to attempt communicating in their native tongue.

With that being said, I have seen horrible Spanish work favourably for some guys.

They still manage to find romance even when everything else is lost in translation. For those of you looking to date a colombian woman for more than just a hookup, Spanish is absolutely necessary.

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They are generally 4 to 7 day events with socials, planned activities and mixers where the men have multiple opportunities to meet and get to know their prospective Medellin brides or girlfriends.Überlegen Sie sich genau, wem Sie Ihre Telefonnummer, private E-Mail-Adresse oder Skype-Namen geben. DE ist Ihre Privatsphäre geschützt und Sie bestimmen, wann was passiert.2.Ehrlich währt am längsten Offenheit und Ehrlichkeit sind die Grundsteine glücklicher Partnerschaften. Every year, more and more foreigners are visiting Medellin in search of a beautiful Paisa girl for dating or marriage.Medellins girls are well renowned for their beauty, strong family values and hard working culture. Com: Meet beautiful Medellin ladies on our 7 day / 6 night Colombian tour.