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Instead, Konata's ringtone is "Koi no Mikuru Densetsu", from the student film that Haruhi was immensely proud of and no one else liked.The reason that Konata/Haruhi is so obsessed with She is more sensible than Konata is and is often seen reacting to or commenting on what Konata says or does. Also, Miyuki is described as the most "western" of the cast.She's also often annoyed by Konata, though she still sticks by her. They (or possibly just Kagami - Tsukasa's a bit too ditzy) have been sworn to secrecy about this evil spirit and must one day defeat it if it gets out, in which case this is the world's only hope. She's taller and bustier than anyone else in the main cast, and she has violet eyes. She lives in a western-style house and generally lives a more western lifestyle.She and Konata are practically the show's Official Couple, judging from official art! Also, she has travelled overseas more then once; clearly she was visiting relatives.

Konata: Because if I got on a team and started playing sports, I'd miss all my prime time anime shows.

Kagami and Ayano's classmate for five consecutive years, Misao is the latter's childhood friend and, as defined by the former, an unorganized "lazy ass".

A recurring theme in post-anime strips is her rivalry with Konata — for Kagami, even Misao considered Kagami as being cold-hearted.

I know that some have already done this, but what I would really like to see is an anime dating sim that is available for every own regardless of device. Now after that long ass intro let's get right into the blog.

To me, the problem I run into is that I never have the device for dating sims. Ladies and gentlemen of AA today I will be talking about if one very specific anime was an actual dating sim. ______________________ |Plot|You play as either a boy or girl (because equality for all), you also get to choose what you look like and you are a freshman at Iwatobi High School.