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Buy now off the top of the charts – and he returns with this immense and detailed thriller.

The story describes the fictional life of famous writer Marcus Goldman, and how his book was born out of a family tragedy in 2004.

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If you’re struggling to recommend a novel for your next book club, here is a list of accessible, exciting and original books to get the conversation started. It hints at the trauma and abuse suffered by Barton in childhood, and does not flinch at human instinct.

From Laurie Frankel’s exploration of raising a transgender child in , Barton has published her memoir, her book is discovered and read by those she grew up with – neighbours, friends, enemies – and their own stories come to light. Each character is complex, their quirks seem unique to them. Buy now centres around two witness testimonies of a rape trial: whether they really saw what they said, and whether they are telling the whole story.

Farina is now separated from his Irish wife, with whom he has children, and has married a Thai woman.

Kelly cleverly drops a few red herrings, but the twist is, as one reviewer described, “weepingly good”.

The author also manages to challenge our assumptions and prejudices that can impact a victim of sexual assault, without making us instinctively flock to the victim’s side or giving us a lecture on morals.

His work experience extends to the USA and the UK where he has worked directly with two British Prime Ministers and two US Presidents during their terms.

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