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Studentische Musik-Ensembles werden an der UR daher besonders gefördert.

Musik-Ensembles | Konzertprogramm Über 15 studentische Theatergruppen sind derzeit an der Universität Regensburg aktiv - die Bandbreite reicht vom postdramatischen über das politische bis hin zum Improvisations-Theater.

Gemeinsam geben sie dreimal im Jahr den kult UR-Leporello heraus, ein Überblick über die kulturellen Veranstaltungen am Regensburger Campus.

kult UR-Webseite Die Universität Regensburg begreift gemeinsames Musizieren als wunderbare Möglichkeit, Schlüsselqualifikationen zu erwerben und zu trainieren.

Choose from hundreds of courses including unique offerings from our renowned School of Maori & Pacific Development.

Learn from award-winning lecturers in small class sizes.

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Check out Hamilton personal ads for free right now.Our motto, Ko te tangata, for the people, drives our student-focused mission.Voted one of the friendliest universities in the country, we pride ourselves on top-notch student support and are committed to ensuring you have an unforgettable study abroad experience.It offers some of the most stunning views and most breathtaking hikes i've ever seen. The international office and the student associations dealing with the internationals are doing a good job, but seem to be rather new in the business - and they seem to be missing their own exchange experience. Coming to an exchange, help with housing is good, and also with finding classes. But i also expected to have some cultural gatherings and, yes, also some organised parties for the internationals. reserved approach on alcohol, so the Uni doesn't want to be involved with anything party-like. Time: Doors open 7pm/Event Starts pm Remember you only regret the things you don't do!