Dependency property not updating

What am I doing wrong as the width does not update when I change the property?

I am also trying to update it via an animation which also doesnt work.

One of them looks as follows: public string Brand ID public static readonly Dependency Property Brand Id Property = Dependency Property.

Register("Brand ID", typeof(string), typeof(Snapshot), new Property Metadata(new Property Changed Callback(On Brand Id Change))); private static void On Brand Id Change(Dependency Object d, Dependency Property Changed Event Args e) Right now somehting is working as when I run the app I see "Test Value Binding" correctly being displayed in my view, the problem is that when the value of Test changes in my Session object the change does not propagate to the view.

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I also tried to implement the INotify Property Changed interface like so: but it's still not updating.

UPDATE: It turns out that it was a nooby mistake, again.

Collectively, these services are typically referred to as the WPF property system.public static readonly Dependency Property Animate Column Width Property = Dependency Property.Register("Animate Column Width Property", typeof(double), typeof(Main Window), new Property Metadata(0.0)); public double Animate Column Width As I understand it, as the column width is bound to this property, whenever I update the property the column width should also update.The Tab Item seems to be correctly bound to the view model, because the color combobox works as it should.However, although the paint object is updated and Raise Property Changed("Paint Object") is called, the Dependency Property in Paint Canvas is never updated. I don't see that you change reference to Paint Object, you cahanged one of the properties of it(Color) and fire as Paint Object is changed, and since it is not, dependency property doesnt refresh As a solution, you can add Color dependency property in the Paint Canvas, and bind Color to Paint Object. Creating a new paint object instead of jsut changing the Color works fine, and I suppose that your suggestion of binding that specific property would also work.

Dependency property not updating