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The Ig Nobel prizes — an irreverent alternative to the Nobel prizes awarded in Stockholm this week — have become an amusing highlight of the academic calendar.

But Prof Spence, 39, said he was delighted that the department's work had been recognised.

He’ll dump you for a Countdown viewer in the end, of course, but it will be nice while it lasts.

That's the prize-winning finding of Prof Charles Spence, head of the cross-modal research laboratory at Oxford University's department of experimental psychology.But the trouble with a know-it-all is that sometimes they… You will come to dread the phrase “I think you’ll find…” and saying something you have the remotest doubt about becomes a nightmare. The solution: Either live in a permanent war zone of “No, you’re wrong!You live on a permanent knife-edge that every thing you say will be met by a small, deliberate sigh, a slow push of the spectacles back up the bridge of your paramour’s nose (there are always spectacles), and a withering look that tells you your very own Encylopedia Homosexualica is about to put you straight. ” continually checking Wikipedia to outsmart each other, or lay down the ground rules early on that nobody ever died because someone said “movie” instead of “film” or used “literally” figuratively every now and again. Photos by Andy Jones Based: Banbury, Oxfordshire Members: 150 approx Formed: 1891 Meets: The Saturday ride is aimed at beginners and two rides are held on Sunday; 8.30am for faster riders and 10am at a medium pace.The club website has more details and information on the club’s varied racing activities.