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The new Mac Books and the 15-inch Mac Book Pro take the Mac Book Air design philosophy a big step further.The revolutionary uni-body, combining case and frame and milled with precision from a single billet of aluminium, gives a strength and rigidity not possible in conventionally assembled machines. ONE of the problems faced by those at the forefront of technological innovation is that they get hacked on for not doing what people with a ready opinion think they ought to bedoing.This time around, a few reviewers have grumbled that the new Mac Books and Mac Book Pros are not the sub-$US800 notebooks some expected.When the Mac Book Air was introduced in January, some reviewers grumbled that it could not be expanded, did not have a built-in optical drive and was short on USB and Fire Wire ports, and so it was.But I constantly meet people who love the Air for what it is: a friendly, elegantly slim and well-made notebook that does everything they want without over-burdening their carry-on luggage.I walked into the store and went straight to the new Macbook Pro section.

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Similar to past relief efforts, users can choose to donate , , , , 0, or 0, and Apple will transfer 100 percent of the proceeds to the American Red Cross, which is providing relief efforts for people in the path of Hurricane Harvey.It seems like Apple has either lost its way, that it has lost touch with what (some of) its customers want, or that it simply doesn’t care about those customers. I’m not crazy about Touch Bar, but it does seem potentially useful.Developers are a captive audience, and creative professionals can switch to Windows, I guess. There’s nothing particularly wrong with what Apple announced. The problem is that the Mac Book Pro is not a true Pro notebook. I’ve been wanting to upgrade it for a while and was planning to do so today.All donations will be processed as normal i Tunes purchases through a connected Apple ID.Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted about the donations early this morning, as rescue workers in Houston and other parts of southeast Texas attempt to help residents trapped in their homes by "catastrophic flooding." Harvey made landfall late Friday night as a Category 4 hurricane and has since been downgraded to a tropical storm, which is expected to stay in the region over the next few days.